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The Smith Meter AccuLoad IV Split Architecture System is a unique solution for multiple arm, multiple meter control and measurement systems used to control a lane of loading arms. The system is designed to mount in either a North American Class I Div. 2 area, a Class I Zone 2 area or a General Purpose area. Up to 18 loading arms and 24 meters can be controlled and monitored by the system, which includes the Man Machine Interface (MMI) and the Flow Control Module (FCM). The MMI provides the display and user interface for the system, while the FCM houses the control and I/O for the loading arms. These loading arms can be controlled either as blended or straight product arms. The system has the flexibility of handling multiple blending applications, straight ratio blending, side stream blending, and up to six-product sequential blending on the same loading lane. Using a single MMI, up to six arms can be loaded simultaneously. Using two MMIs, up to twelve arms can be loaded simultaneously.