BiRotor Plus Meter

The Brodie BiRotor Plus Positive Displacement meter offers unsurpassed linearity and repeatability. It is reputed to be the highest accuracy PD meter in the industry. The BiRotor Plus meter is insensitive to external influences from the load rack, such as vibration, pressure changes, temperature changes and harsh handling by operators. It is made for rough operation. And it offers the highest measurement accuracy of any meter in the industry.

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The accuracy of the BiRotor Plus under real operating conditions is unsurpassed in the industry: linearity better than +/- 0.075% (4” – 6”) and repeatability of better than 0.02%.


Viscosities from 0.2 – 1000 cSt have little effect on the accuracy of the BiRotor Plus. This is why the BiRotor plus is the master meter of choice and preferred by test labs and worldwide approval authorities.

No metal to metal contact: 

The timing gears are the only metal to metal contact within the BiRotor Plus. The rotors and measuring chamber are machined to very tight tolerances and have no metal to metal contact. This results in an extremely durable and mostly maintenance free positive displacement flowmeter. The BiRotor Plus will last for many years of operation.

No change in Meter K-Factor:

Due to its extremely rugged design, the BiRotor Plus rarely requires recalibration, or a change in meter factor. There is no other PD meter in the market that can handle the day to day rigours of a loading terminal and be unaffected by this service.

Direct electronic pulse output:

Non-wetted pickoffs and a dual channel pre-amp housed in a common enclosure making servicing simple and easy. The BiRotor Plus has a higher pulser resolution than other PD meters available in the market.