Titan Industries SafTpack 100 cc Injectors

A new safe touch injector designed with safety in mind by Titan Industries, Inc. It has a built-in calibration feature that allows the operator to calibrate the injector without having to touch the liquid additive or breathe any additive vapors. The calibrated cylinder displays accurate measurement of chemical additive. With the Titan SafTPac, there is no loss of additive because all of the liquid is in a closed loop which eliminates spills or exposure when properly installed. The spring-loaded cylinder returns the additive to either the additive tank during operation of the additive system or additive line when the return ball valve is opened. The Titan SafTPac can eliminate exposure to harmful vapors and additive liquids by the user during calibration. Comes standard with a 100 mL cylinder with an optional 350 mL cylinder available; please call to order the optional 350 mL cylinder.



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